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About MadCapX

Investor Portal

Access your membership area for Madbyte token holders using your desktop or mobile. Login here.

Our Development

When you become a member, partner or founder you will have direct say in Madbyte development.

Market Analysis

As a MadCap member you get access to crypto market analysis of what coins/tokens are dipping or mooning.

The Portfolio

Our portfolio feature is central to the Madbyte token and what MadCapX is all about. Become a MadCap Partner.

Buy Madbyte Tokens

Currently, you can buy Madbyte tokens from exchanges: Tradecoinx.com, McAfeeDex.com, and Madcap DEX.

Content Contributor

As a MadCap member you can contribute content for our newsletters or social media accounts.

Creating Value

Our vision in the crypto space is to create projects that bring value for the holders.

The Ladder

Without membership you are not privy to what really matters. Climb higher and gain access to more internal plans.

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