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  • Getting Smart With Cardano – Issue #4

    Getting Smart With Cardano – Issue #4

    Cardano is the invention of Charles Hoskinson, a mathematician and co-founder of Ethereum. Nov 16, 2020 The Short of It We will be reviewing another great blockchain that has the potential to give Ethereum a run for its money over the next few years. Cardano was launched in September 2017, and the creators consider it…

  • Understanding Ethereum – Issue #3

    Understanding Ethereum – Issue #3

    Welcome to newsletter number three. Our research will attempt to bring you the best crypto projects that could be invested within your portfolio. With so many failed projects and some being outright scams, we hope to profile those that have lasting potential. The Short of It Several different blockchains are out to challenge Ethereum’s dominance…

  • Is Litecoin Still The Silver To Bitcoin? – Issue #2

    Is Litecoin Still The Silver To Bitcoin? – Issue #2

    Welcome to our second MadCapX Newsletter about crypto coins and tokens as we profile them and analyze the price and see what others are predicting. In addition, follow the investment portfolio that we will update on a regular basis. The Short of It In this newsletter, we are covering Litecoin (LTC) and is it continuing…

  • Bitcoin Bears Being Bullish – Issue #1

    Bitcoin Bears Being Bullish – Issue #1

    Welcome to our first weekly paid newsletter for investors. For the last few years we have been putting out a regular newsletter related to the happenings at MadCapX, the Madbyte coin and cryptocurrencies in general. Even though we created a blockchain of our own, we have always believed that Bitcoin has been the main cryptocurrency…

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